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How To Get New Visitors To Your Casino, And Keep Them Coming Back

Twenty percent noted working 44 hours or perhaps less a week; typically the extended work week will come as no surprise, since respondents report some stage of participation in practically all aspects of marketing and advertising. As a casino online marketer, I thrived on typically the fun we had working together and hitting our goals. A majority of respondents informed us they have six or more direct reports, with another 34 percent having one to five. Marketing executives balance responsibility for the development of their teams while working closely with the highest decision-makers to grow revenue.

As you build out these packages, keep in mind that they should fit within your total revenue management strategy. Even with the downturn, you want to maximize overall revenue; so carefully consider which packages correlate with which segments. Shift marketing to be a bit more aggressive and focus more on fun/escape messaging. Work with sales on outreach to conference organizers and meeting planners, moving from the largest to the smallest opportunities.

To get through the next few months, here are some tactics for casino revenue managers to navigate this unfolding global crisis at their hotel. We are proud to be among certified marketing consultants & ad agencies.

Uncertainty, coupled with community health concerns and plummeting revenues, makes it really hard to do business today and plan ahead for tomorrow. The only course of action is to adjust quickly to this new reality, dig in for the long haul, prepare your staff for the tough road ahead and build resilience across your operation wherever possible. To put this in perspective, โปรโมชั่นบาคาร่า this is the first time since the funeral of US President John F Kennedy in 1963 that the Las Vegas strip has been dark. We also suggest building two campaigns, an initial outreach campaign that tests the waters and gauges interest. If the initial campaign is less successful than expected, then launch another campaign with more aggressive offers and lucrative packages.

Casino Promotion Idea

As your property emerges from hibernation mode, build a phased recovery plan that ramps up slowly as the casino reopens. Do this in collaboration with all relevant teams so everyone is aligned and ready to hit the ground running as a cohesive unit. This is the time to conserve energy and take advantage of the closure to improve processes, nurture relationships and lay the groundwork for eventual re-opening and recovery.

Along with our ongoing businesses, all of us are deeply involved in training and educating the casino marketers of today and the future. We pooled our contacts, dug for a few more and sent an extensive survey to a wide swath of casino executives to create a baseline for future studies and deeper cross-tabulation. I decided someone should mirror the “Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction” study, by Bristol Associates Inc. and Spectrum Gaming Group, but with a specific focus on casino marketers. I kept this on my wish list, and then mentioned it to Mary Loftness of Profitable Customers and Michael Meczka of MMRC, Inc. —both experts in the industry. DIRECT MAILWe see direct mail as the lifeline of all marketing efforts, and crucial for driving business. Gaga offers its clients a full range of Branding, Advertising, Design and Online services.

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